Attitude For Success

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Before you can achieve your goal, you must have an attitude of success.

The Secret To Success Is Attitude

Develop your successful attitude and begin to act, look and feel as though you belong to this group of successful people. A good attitude can change your life. So first become mentally what you want to achieve. It is your attitude towards the beginning of a task that will affect its’ successful outcome. It is your attitude towards life that will determine life’s attitude towards you. We are interdependent, it is impossible to succeed without others. It is your attitude towards others that will determine their attitude towards you.

Think of a person who you really admire and aspire to.

What is it that you like about them, is it their success?

Their determination?


The way they command an audience? 

There was a Director at work who I admired. She simply oozed success, she would always greet people with a smile and say good morning, she would be dressed in well-fitted suits or have a dress on with matching bolero jackets, you could tell she worked out as there was not an inch of fat that was not meant to be there. She screamed for professionalism. She always seemed to be well prepared and organised in meetings. She stood heads and shoulders above anyone I have ever met, she was the business and I really admired her.

I told her that I wanted to be a coach and she agreed to be my mentor as she was also trained as a coach. She was very softly spoken, full of encouragement and very supportive. We maintained a good relationship and to this day, she mentors and support me with my work.

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