Taster Days

Join us at one of our bite size 2 hours Taster Sessions where you will be introduced to the Time to Succeed programme. 


We will look at why you should set goals and how to set goals to achieve successful outcomes. This session will motivate, inspire and give you a new focus.

You will get an insight of how:

  • To set powerful goals

  • Your fear of failure can get in the way of your success

  • Our actions, thoughts and behaviour affect your goals

  • How your belief and language you use can hold you back

If you want to learn:

  • How you can tap into your potential, 

  • Empowering techniques for setting and achieving successful outcomes 

  • How you could be getting in the way of your own success

Ask yourself 

  • Do I believe that it’s possible for me to accomplish my dreams and goals’?

  • Am I doing everything I need to do to achieve the results I want out of life?

  • Am I taking full responsibility for where I am now? 

  • Am I happy with the results I am getting?

If your answer is Yes, great! What can you do to achieve more? If no, then what are you doing about it?

Our Time to Succeed course is certified with the Continued Professional Development Standards Authority, which means you will receive a C.P.D certificate on completion.

All of the workshops are interactive and designed to inspire you to take you on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be.


Ultimately you are responsible for your future, the best advice we can give you as participants of this programme is to engage and use the resources you will be given to achieve the results you want to achieve.



Taster Sessions

Taster Sessions are £5.00


For Course starting 25th January 2020


10am - 12pm  

October 19th


4th, 18th January 


For Course starting 23rd May 2020 


10am - 12pm  

8th February

14th March

4th April

18th April


For Course starting 27th September 2020


10am - 12pm 


2nd May

13th June

18th July

22nd August

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